Treasure Chests In Cayo Perico Come To GTA Online This Week

It may be the last day of the year, but all the criminals in Los Santos never stop hustling. The recently released Cayo Perico island still hides some lucrative secrets, one of which has been revealed. There are some freebies up for grabs as well, alongside some discounts to end the year in Grand Theft Auto Online on a spending spree.

Treasure Chests have been spotted hidden throughout Cayo Perico as well as on the seabed along the shore - just make sure you don't bump into Nessie while you're looking for hidden booty. These Treasure Chests work like a new collectible for you to hunt down, and they give you extra cash each time you find one.


To bring players into the treasure hunting mood, Rockstar is offering a bonus of GTA$ 100,000 to all players who find five chests before January 6. Keep an eye out for these boxes while completing your Scoping Missions leading up to a Finale.

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All players who log into GTA Online this week get their newest outfit handed to them free - you unlock the Bigness Tie-dye Sweater and Bigness Tie-dye Sports Pants, perfect for a New Year's Eve party! You also get a Sessanta Nove Monogram livery for your Übermacht Revolter, Vapid Speedo Custom and HVY Menacer to show off your discerning fashion taste even when nobody can see your outfit through the tinted windows.

The Diamond Casino & Resort is a perfect venue for a party to celebrate the end of this awful year, so invite all of your friends to your penthouse, and remind them to spin the lucky wheel on their way in - they can win an Obey Omnis pre-customized with a special Retro Rally livery.

While the Armored Kuruma is no longer part of the Pacific Standard meta since the notorious glitch was patched, it is still a fantastic all-purpose vehicle that offers a great deal of protection. It and the Cheval Taipan are 40% off this week, as are the Jobuilt Phantom Wedge and BF Ramp Buggy.

Happy New Year!


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