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Transform Races And Biker Contracts Pay Double In GTA Online

Rockstar is back with a new Grand Theft Auto Online event, featuring 4 ways to earn double rewards. Beyond this wide variety of bonus earning opportunities, you also have your usual selection of discounted vehicles and other goods to peruse. Cars, aircraft and weapons are among the items on sale.

Whether you like crazy races, tough work, smuggling or CEO work, there's something for you. All Rockstar created official Transform Races, meaning 39 tracks, will pay out double GTA$ and RP through the 3rd of December. This bonus also applies to Clubhouse Contracts, which are part of the Bikers DLC. Smuggler's Run sell missions also pay out double, while there is a 25% payout bonus on Special Cargo delivery.

Discounts on vehicles make up the bulk of sales this week. The Dinka Jester Classic headlines car discounts at 30% off, with older models like the Ubermacht Revolter, Overflod Entity XF, Declasse Drift Tampa, Grotti X80 Proto and Progen Tyrus available at 35% off.

A number of specialty vehicles and aircraft are also discounted. The prices of the Mobile Operations Center, its renovations, the Rhino tank, the Cargobob and the Buckingham Swift Deluxe have been slashed by 40%. The Buckingham Howard NX-25, the Buckingham Alpha-Z1 and the Nagasaki Havoc are also discounted by 35% to help with those Smuggler's Run missions. There's also a 25% discount on a wide range of weapons and ammo.

You may have noticed that quite a few weeks have passed now without any kind of new content in GTA Online. As the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 approached, we saw major content tapering off, being replaced by remixed Adversary Modes and the odd drip-feed vehicle, but even these stopped coming recently. This no doubt has something to do with the recent launch of the beta phase of Red Dead Online.

With all of Rockstar's resources tied down in the Wild West, it's understandable that we're only getting these events. However, we know for a fact that content support will continue for the foreseeable future, so it's only a matter of time before we get our next DLC.

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