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Top GTA Online Videos Of The Week: Sept 26. - Oct 2.


In our newest weekly feature, we're bringing some of the best fan made video content related to GTA 5 produced in the past 7 days, every Sunday.

Amid all of the fake leak videos, "funny" moments compilations and the several 3-5 minute videos per day uploaded by the same person where they dissect some rumor over and over again by reading up forum posts made by others, you probably don't have the time or patience to sift through all the crap to find the good GTA 5 videos out there - but don't worry, we'll do it for you!


Last Week, we brought to you an alien abduction story with a twist, a fan-made trailer mock-up for Cops N' Crooks should it ever come to GTA Online, a sleek and stylish car showcase, a video parodying typical crappy click bait YouTube trash and a short but sweet videos showing off an alternative use for your yacht. This week, we're bringing you yet another Rockstar Editor video about an alien abduction as well as a fan-made trailer for a fictional GTA Online DLC that doesn't exist - but there's variety here, we promise. We're also showing off a sweet 2 Fast 2 Furious recreation, a time-lapse of North Yankton and an interesting display of just how much Euphoria Ragdoll physics affect the game, by turning it off.

Side-by-Side 2 Fast 2 Furious Pink Slip Race Recreated in GTA 5 Comparison - RavenwestR1

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We've featured the work of RavenwestR1 in the past, as he's created many a GTA 5 remake with the Rockstar Editor. This time, in his grand return after months of inactivity, he takes to the franchise most often compared with GTA - Fast and Furious. The pink slip race scene from the second film in the series is pretty iconic, and Raven's recreation of it is about as spot-on as you can get. It's pretty damn impressive how close he got to the real thing in spite of the limitations present in the Editor. Keep up the good work!

Across the Map #50 GTA V North Yankton walk across the Map TimeLapse Video - TheyCallMeConor

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To celebrate his 50th video wherein he walks across the entire maps of open world games, TheyCallMeConor decided to mod himself into North Yankton, GTA 5's prologue area which is barely even featured in the game at all. North Yankton cannot be explored in the traditional sense at any point during the game, resulting in some interesting LOD solutions which can only be gleamed when you access the area by unorthodox means. Funnily enough, this underutilized map is larger than the maps of some full GTA games. We featured the work TheyCallMeConor before, where he combined a time lapse of all maps in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

GTA 5 Online Tuners and Outlaws DLC Trailer - GTA Wise Guy

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I mean, if you'd go into this not knowing it was fan-made and not an actual DLC, would it fool you? Based on the comments, several viewers still think it's actually going to be a real GTA Online update in spite of the author having clarified in the description that it's not, but only his own mock-up. That said, this here is some prime work. Not only is the editing absolutely marvelous, the attention to detail is amazing. Rockstar's style is replicated flawlessly, down to shots, fonts, angles and the whole feel of the video feels legit. Plus, the DLC concept itself is pretty great, playing on the community's long standing desire for an update adding the chance to do some police work. Prime stuff right here.

GTAV: Out of the Blue [Rockstar Editor Machinima] - Zadrium

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Coming from Zadrium is a pretty spooky take on an alien abduction story. While last week's alien video was more of a deconstruction, suggesting an altogether human issue as the cause, this video takes things further into the realm of sci-fi mystery. All things considered, it's pretty impressive that the author managed to squeeze not one, but two twists into a less than 5 minute video without it seeming hamfisted and forced. Like most videos that make it onto this list, the editing and direction work on display here is prime, and the story concept is pretty intriguing. This is that kind of video which creeps one out without being outright scary or startling.

How GTA V looks like without Euphoria - Jedijosh920

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Many of you might recognize the name of Jedijosh920 as the creator of a number of creative and popular GTA 5 mods. We're written about his work a lot on this site. Well, this time, instead of with a mod, he got his name into one of our articles with a video showing off just how much the Euphoria Ragdoll system does to make deaths more realistic. Lacking Euphoria, bodies collapse and fall in odd ways when shot, and it does not take into account where the bullet hit the body. When Josh shoots the test subject in the knee, he falls back just like when he's shot in the chest.

Over the course of next week, feel free to recommend any GTA videos you come across that you think deserves to be on next week's list!

Which of these GTA 5 videos is your favorite?


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