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Top 10 GTA V Wish List


Gaming wish lists are nothing new. Whether it's a specific type of game someone longs to see made or changes that would have made a good game even better, fans have discussed their dream video game ideas for years. In today's gaming market, it's easy for developers to add new content and features to games like Grand Theft Auto V, so fan wish lists have a better chance than ever of coming true. GTA V and GTA Online have already seen regular patches and updates, but what are some of the top wishes fans still have?

10. More Places Players Can Hold Up

You can hold up some places in GTA V and GTA Online, but many players would like to see the possibilities expanded. Robbing restaurants, raiding liquor stores, and of course, holding up banks are all popular ideas. Small bank hold-ups are high on the list for a lot of players, not only because of the excitement and potential rewards, but also because the game is populated with banks that are just empty.

Why not put that space to good use and give players some fun new options at the same time?

9. New Game Modes

We've mentioned in the past that fans like the idea of Rockstar adding new, optional ways to play the game, such as a "realistic mode" that would change the gameplay elements so they more resemble real life. Fan hopes for different GTA V modes cover the whole spectrum, from players who want heftier consequences to those who want a free roam mode with no police.

8. Speaking of horses...

Horse betting? What about horse riding? Rockstar could adapt the mechanic from Red Dead Redemption and let fans find horses on farms. Not only would this open up the potential for a new category of races, but it would also add unique risks and challenges since it would be a lot easier to kill a player's horse than destroy a car.

Horses aren't the only new method of transportation fans would like to see. Older cars from previous GTA games, more types of planes and helicopters, and (of course) jetpacks are all vehicles fans would love to see added.

7. New Locations

GTA V may have a sizable world, but many people want even more. These hopes range from new types of GTA Online housing, to additional content on the islands, to entire new regions, like an off-shore military base. For that matter, some fans would just like to be able to explore the current military base and similar places. This ties in with some of the other wish list items, since new modes or options could give players a legitimate way to access and wander the base, prison, etc.

6. Selling Cars to Friends

GTA Online lets you sell your cars. It also lets you interact with other players. As a result, many players want to know why they can't sell their cars to one another. Rockstar could implement an online vehicle market, where you could list your vehicle for sale. Alternately, maybe you could just sell it to your friend.

Either way, it's a great idea... although if micro-transactions are introduced, player interest in the idea could plummet.

5. More Types of Activities

Likewise, there's a lot to do in GTA V, but fans want more. Variety is never a bad thing, and new types of activities are one of the most hoped-for GTA additions: drug dealing, police missions (along the lines of the past games' Vigilante and Most Wanted missions), and even large-scale quests like hunting mythological creatures.

Then there are mini-games. For some people, mini-games are one of the best part of gaming, and GTA V could use some more options. For example, maybe the player could get into a fight on the street, or enter a demolition derby. Maybe a functional casino could open its doors so players could test their luck on slots, cards, and more. Maybe the gambling mini-games could go a little further, and players could places bets on horse racing. Little activities such as these would be a welcome addition to the normal GTA gameplay.

4. Story DLC

Most content updates are primarily for GTA Online, but fans have been dying for some new single-player content. Story DLC is one of the more popular rumors, but we haven't heard anything except hints for a long time. Some fans have specific plot ideas in mind, but most just want story DLC in general.

3. New Clothing Options

Compared to new modes, features, and DLC, character customization seems like a minor thing... but new clothing options are one of the most-requested GTA Online additions. Some want specific items, such as leather jackets, accessories, and clothing from the single-player mode. Others just hope for clothing features like the ability to change clothing's color and pattern. This is one of the simpler requests, and since it's so popular, perhaps Rockstar will take heed.

2. Zombies

Ah yes, the dreaded z-word. We've been talking about this for years. Fans have hoped for zombie cheats, zombie DLC, and zombie mods. While there will always be those who think a zombie mode would destroy the GTA V atmosphere, it remains one of the top GTA V wish list items.

Would it be a special mode? A full-fledged zombie invasion DLC? It doesn't seem to matter--fans just want to see the undead roaming the streets of Los Santos.

And... the #1 thing players want to see...

1. Heists

It almost feels like heists shouldn't count. We will get them, after all... eventually. Ever since GTA Online's cooperative heists were promised for last spring, fans have eagerly awaited the day they would actually arrive. Some don't believe that day will ever come, but according to Rockstar, GTA Online heists are coming March 10!

At least, we hope.

So there you have it, the Top 10 items of fans' GTA V wish lists. The #1 request is about to come true, and many of the others should at least be possible with PC mods. Will they ever be officially introduced? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and share your own Top 10 GTA V Wish List with us.


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