Top 10 Grand Theft Auto 5 Mods To Give You Superpowers

Ah, mods. A great way to extend the lifetime of the game - especially a game as magnificent as Grand Theft Auto 5. If you attempt to use mods in the multiplayer portion, GTA Online, you will be banned. However if you have PC and don't mind being confined to story mode, there is a mods a plenty for you to try out - and there are no restrictions in terms of how wild they get. Could these mods be one of the reasons that GTA 5 still tops the sales charts today (see this KeenGamer's report), so many years after it's release? Without a doubt we think it's contributed to the game's longevity. We also think that mods that give you superpowers within the game are some of the coolest available. So here's our list of the top 10 superpower mods. They can all be found and downloaded here by the way.

  1. Just Cause Grappling Hook Mod

Not a superpower mod per se. But with what you can do with it, you won't notice the difference. This mod, as its name suggests, introduces the grappling hook from Just Cause series into the world of Grand Theft Auto 5. What that means is that you can hook yourself to walls, use a wingsuit to glide, retract objects to you, hook them together and have a retractable parachute. We recommend you combine this mod with any other that skins you to look like Batman. Have fun Dark Knighting the ghettos of Los Santos.

  1. Quantum Break Script Mod

If you haven't heard or played it, Quantum Break is essentially a game that's about time manipulation. What capable modders took out of this is the ability to slow down and stop time. It doesn't add much in the way of powers but this one power can provide you interesting instances of slow-mo and stop time madness. Imagine a scene where 3 police cars are are coming at you, 3 police officers are already shooting, all the while an exploding helicopter is crashing in the middle. What do you do? Stop time, watch the epic scene, walk circles around them and aim a perfect shot at their heads at point-blank range. Move a safe distance, unfreeze and marvel at your epic power.

  1. Electric Man Mod

You ever wanted to be Electro? Or another vague superpowered individual that can control electricity? Well now you can, with the electric man mod. Travel about like a ball of lightning, teleport, super punch everything to oblivion, or drain vehicles of electricity. Combine with a sweet electro-skin and fun times are guaranteed.

  1. Watch Dogs Hacks Mod

Again, not technically a super power but how else would you call a vague technology that fits in your palm and that enables you to control every electronic device around you? As they say, highly advanced technology is no different than magic to the uninitiated. So with this mod, you can burst lamps, phones, transformers, hydrants, gas bombs, hack cams, traffic lights, ATM's and more. Cause a blackout! Explode and control cars, trains, and helicopters. Almost like a Watch Dogs game inside a better game.

  1. Hulk Mod

The Hulk mod offers just what it says. It turns you into a giant green monster on steroids. Everything is at your mercy with this mod. People? Mere ants. Cars? Mere toys. Even pavement is crushed under your every step. Gravity? With such muscular legs, you can hop across Los Santos in a single leap. Want some space? A thunderclap can clear the area real nice. Derail trains, baseball bat stuff with a pole and basically crush everything that stands in your way.

  1. Green Goblin Glider and Powers

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Turn yourself into the ultimate Spiderman villain with this mod. Green Goblin makes you faster than ordinary humans, your attacks are stronger, you heal faster and are resistant to explosions. In addition to that, the star of the mod is the glider. You (as Green Goblin of course) can hop on top of it and fly, fire machine guns, different variations of bombs. When you hop off, the glider neatly follows you and acts independently like a badass bodyguard.

  1. Ghost Rider Mod

Bring vengeance to your enemies with the Ghost Rider mod. GTA Online had a Halloween update which is similar, but us modders, stuck in singleplayer, have this mod. It basically enables you to turn yourself into a flaming skull dude and carve a bloody path across Los Santos with fireballs, flamethrowers, flaming bullets, chains, penance stare. Summon your bike and leave a flaming trail wherever you go, even on walls or water.

  1. Superman Mod

Are you like me in a sense that you've been waiting for that perfect Superman game since forever? Well, you can keep waiting... but in the meantime, satisfy your cravings with an awesome Superman mod for GTA5. This mod enables you to fly across Los Santos in seconds, run super fast, grab cars and pedestrians like they were nothing, freeze your surroundings, blow them away, and use your heat vision to blast and melt everything away.

  1. The Flash Mod

You thought the Flash was just super fast? Well guess again because with this mod you can explore a plethora of his other powers such as the ability to use supersonic punches, run on walls, jump high, generate mini tornadoes, throw lightning, slow down time, phase through people's chests, disarm enemies and instantly hijack vehicles. All while generating a sweet customizable lightning trail behind him of course.

  1. Iron Man Mod

Suit up in this incredible Iron Man mod that goes above and beyond as it even adds a helmet hud and Jarvis, who will warn you about approaching enemies and weapon status. With this mod you can basically do everything the Iron Man can. Switch vision modes, be super strong, fly, and use various weapons. From his trademark repulsors and chest beams to lethal small rockets and exploding big rockets. It also has an option to equip Hulkbuster armor, essentially giving you the powers of Hulk and Iron Man combined.

So there you have it, our top 10 GTA 5 mods that give you superpowers. Depending on your preference of powers you can switch the positions to your liking but I feel that the mods closer to the top spot are better integrated into the game, features more details and are less clunky. What are you favorite GTA 5 mods?

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