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Tony Stark Moves To GTA 5 (Mod)

It seems like the GTA 5 modding community has a "thing" for Iron Man. Not only has one of the best modders in the biz made a fully functional and utterly awesome working Iron Man armor mod, several other modders have been coming out with various skins for said mod in order to allow players to pick which variant of the suit they want to use.

The Iron Man mod is probably among the most popular fan made files for GTA 5. However, the red and gold suit isn't the only cool thing that Marvel hero Tony Stark owns - his house that was featured in all three Iron Man movies (and blown to bits in the third) is more than just a little luxurious.

Seeing as Batman is basically the only other super-hero with as much popularity among GTA 5 modders and he's gotten his bat-cave modded into Los Santos, it is only fitting that fans of Iron Man get a hang-out based on their preferred comic as well.


That's where mapper Tomybk comes into the picture. He's put together a surprisingly accurate and detailed replica of Tony's house from the movies that you can visit in-game. Of course, seeing as fans haven't quite gotten an exhaustive tour of the house, this mod has been pieced together from the scenes from the films.

The map features two floors, one being the upper residential floor plus the lower garage with the workshop, the nice cars and of course the Iron Man suits in all their glory.


Obviously, this is best played in conjunction with the previously mentioned Iron Man mod made by JulioNIB, flying around the city and returning to your luxurious home for a rest - just watch out for the Hulk rampaging around.

How many of you regularly use Julio's Iron Man mod for GTA 5?


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