Time For You To Get A Job... In Los Santos

On occasion, we here at GTA BOOM like to bring attention to particularly well made, creative or unique mods for GTA V. Today, we bring to you one particular mod which goes against the whole escapism idea behind gaming, and brings some real-life normality to the game - in the most fun way possible.


We all know that GTA is about as far removed from "normal" as you can get in a realistic setting. I mean, sure, you can do all sorts of normal things like yoga, tennis, driving in accordance with traffic rules etc. etc., but why would you when you can shoot up a bank, buy a jet with the stolen money, go on a killing spree downtown, have the entire police force trying to catch you, lead them on a high speed chase resulting in numerous crashes until your reach the place where you stashed the jet, take off, circle around over to the city and jump out as the jet crashes into the FIB headquarters and you splatter yourself on the pavement because you forgot your parachute. Then respawn, and redo the whole thing with the parachute this time around.


GTA V modder TylerEspo has recently released JobsV, a mod which allows you to come home from a long day of hard work, sit down in front of the screen, boot up GTA V for some well earned downtime, and have your in-game character... err, go to work.

Yup, JobsV lets you get a job. It also features an education system in which you can enroll ,and thus you will get better jobs. Over time, as you go to work, you will get better at your job. You will get paid for your job, and you can get promoted to a better job, which will pay you more. It's all very interesting, we swear (disclaimer: the above paragraph is satire, and we fully appreciate the additional enjoyment and immersion this mod adds to GTA V). Props, TylerEspo!

Will you guys be getting a job in GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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