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Three Hours Of GTA V In A Minute

We've said it many times and we'll say it again. GTA V is a game absolutely overflowing with content. There is always stuff happening. Missions, side-missions, additional activities, collectibles, random encounters, NPCs interacting with you and one another. Plenty of locations to explore, plenty of enemies, challenges. There's a whole multiplayer section which adds countless other missions, side-missions, etc. along with Adversary Modes and new heists. You can't take two steps in GTA V without tripping over something to do in game.

But what happens if you take no steps at all? For three hours? That's was GTA fan and YouTuber Jassinlive set out to discover in his latest video. Los Santos and Blaine County are overflowing with people and traffic running whatever odd errands these NPCs must perform.

A lot of things can happen while you stand perfectly still on a randomly picked sidewalk near an intersection. Jassinlive has decided to record a full three hours worth of video of Michael doing absolutely nothing in one of the busier parts of Los Santos. He then took the video and sped it up so that it lasts only a single minute.

While there are no murders, explosions, acts of violence or even vandalsim, the video depicts a busy, vibrant city that pulsates with life. PEDs walking around minding their own business, cars driving along, the moon taking the sun's place before switching back again.

This video has a similar vibe to the one that depicts a day in the life of GTA V NPCs when the player doesn't blow everything up and kill everyone horribly. Once again this goes to show how much effort Rockstar put into making the world of GTA V feel like a real one.

Do you guys ever just stop to take in the world of GTA V, or are you on a perpetual binge of violence?


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