This New GTA Online Hack Is a Nightmare

Hacking in GTA Online has kind of been a big topic when it comes to GTA V news lately. Rockstar has been getting progressively more brutal when it comes to dealing with online cheaters, however despite their best efforts, some of the miscreants slip through. We've reported quite a while ago the case of one particular GTA Online player who fell victim to the newest method of circumventing cheat detection. Instead of trying to avoid the hack-sniffing protocols to get ticked off, they just shifted the blame. Instead of altering standard game conditions on their own character, the hacker caused mayhem for other players instead. A player's character began to uncontrollably spawn money, which the hacker could then collect. Since the victim was spawning the hacked money, he was targeted by the automated cheat detectors, not the real hacker. The victim was promptly banned, and the timer of the cheat lobby was bugged, forcing them to turn to actual mods in order to get revenge.


Recently, the creator of a fairly popular gaming podcast documented the next level of this method of hacking. Nick Breckon was hit by a particularly harrowing hack, which had a plethora of effects on his character. It all begins with geysers sprouting under his character after he spawns. Eventually, a perfect clone of his character, with the only difference of having green hair, spawns on his back and rides him piggy-back style. This is where the "fun begins". At times, his character will spawn a virtually endless stream of money. If he fires a weapon, his character receives corresponding damage. His inseparable clone will sometimes spawn NPC clones who become hositle, as well as random vehicles behind Nick's character. The whole thing becomes funny after a while, but imagine if this were to happen to you, and suddenly you wouldn't know what the hell is going on.

Hopefully Rockstar works out how to take down these hackers in GTA Online.

Aron Gerencser
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