This Mod Just Made GTA V Much, Much Harder

If you think GTA V isn't hard, complicated, or dank enough, then this mod is for you.

GTA V isn't known for its difficulty, though the game does have occasional harrowing moments. And while GTA Online's heists are considered by some to be rather challenging, they can be turned into cake-walks by a well organised crew and a few tips and tricks which eliminate the troublesome aspects of the missions.

However, some gamers out there do appreciate a good challenge, as proven by the popularity of From Software's RPG series, Dark Souls, which is infamous for its unforgiving difficulty.



One particular such gamer, who also happens to be an adept modder and a fan of GTA V, has decided to add a similar level of difficulty to Rockstar's blockbuster. Aptly titled "Dank Souls" in honor of the infamous fantasy RPG.

The basic concept in Dank Souls is that the harder you fight against your enemies, the harder the game will push back at you. However, while absolute pacifism is an option, the slightest show of violence will result in an onslaught that forces you to fight with fervor.


The mechanics of the mod are turn-based as surprising as that may be. During the player's turn, there are no police, so you may cause as much mayhem as you like. For each PED you kill, you will receive a soul. However, keep in mind that each PED kill results in three Dank Souls to be allocated to the "enemy". During the enemy turn, you are attacked by waves of increasingly powerful opponents, with a boss following each third wave. The types of the enemies are marked by their mini-map blips, so you can plan your attack. This is necessary, as diving head first into conflict, you'll probably not survive.

Who among you thinks GTA V would benefit from some more challenge?

Aron Gerencser
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