This GTA V Weekend Event Is Not To Be Missed

Rockstar Games recently released the substantial 1.29 update for GTA Online. It contains the Freemode Events DLC, a new content pack which reconstructs the basic framework of GTA Online. With patch 1.29, GTA Online has become a lobby-free, menu-free and loading screen-free seamless experience with a motherload of new content play.

The DLC has been getting overwhelmingly positive community feedback, and Rockstar is determined to honor this release. In keeping with tradition established by previous DLC releases, Rockstar has put together a unique event to celebrate the launch of the new content. And with Freemode Events’… well, event, Rockstar has truly outdone themselves.


Starting today, on Friday September 18 and lasting three days, the GTA Online Freemode Events Social Club Weekend provides players with some free clothing items, some seriously solid discounts, and a great way to earn some GTA $ big time. If you play at least five of the newly introduced Freemode Events, you will be awarded with an exclusive Vapid shirt and 50,000 GTA $. Each day of the event will also see a unique shirt awarded simply for logging in to GTA Online. The event also features a 25% discount on several vehicles, namely the Buzzard, Besra, Insurgent, Zentorno, and Hakuchou.

All other items in game, including clothing, weapons and ammo will be available at half price throughout the whole weekend, and phone services will also have their fees halved. If you’re looking to nick some real-world physical goods, then Rockstar has you covered with the Social Club Sweepstakes, where members will be able to win shirts, mouse pads and more.

Amidst all the Freemode Events celebrating, Rockstar hasn’t forgotten about PS3 and Xbox 360 players either, who do not have access to the massive update. On the two last-gen consoles, this weekend will mark an increase in crate drops, armored trucks, kill targets, and high-priority vehicles.

Will you guys be taking part in the GTA Online Freemode Events Weekend?

Aron Gerencser
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