GTA 5 Third Person Snapmatic Shots Guide

Have you ever wondered how people take all those amazing third person Snapmatic pictures in Grand Theft Auto V (and that aren't just selfies)? Well wonder no longer, because the following guide will tell you, step by step, exactly how to take amazing third person Snapmatics in GTA V, all by yourself! Sure, they are still slightly limited (you can't take a third person photo of anything you want), but you should still be able to capture some pretty cool snaps using this trick. This is called the Sticky Bomb method by the way, and it goes as follows:

  1. You need to be standing around your vehicle in third person mode.
  2. Select sticky bomb from your inventory and then press and hold the button that you'd normally use to throw it (being RT for Xbox, R2 for Playstation).
  3. While still holding the relevant button, open up the Snapmatic.
  4. This is what allows you to take the picture in third person. From here you need to move the camera angle to how you want it.
  5. When you're reading, release the throw button and your player should crouch down around the vehicle and plant the bomb.
  6. While they are doing this, you need to take the picture and voila, you should have a third person, non-selfie, Snapmatic!


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Matt Stone

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