The Most Epic GTA V Crash

This would happen

Some time ago we reported on a massive GTA V road accident in which one player unwittingly caused a chain reaction resulting in five minutes of endless crashes and explosions.

Considering the mayhem and spontaneity of the crash, we hardly thought it would ever be topped, especially so soon. However, by pure chance, one player just happened to cause an even larger accident, and just happened to be recording at the time as well.


While the last time around we were thoroughly impressed with about five minutes of unabridged explosions, this video shows of twelve whole minutes of chaos and mayhem. Cars run into cars, burning vans are flung by fireballs at oncoming traffic. The accident occurs at a Y intersection, with traffic in all three directions swiftly halted, and vehicles quickly piling up into massive queues with the trail of explosions gradually working its way along, leaving a path of destruction in its wake.


The fact that this sort of thing can happen by accident in an unmodded version of GTA V, without using cheats, is a testament to why so many people love this game. It is a perfect representation of the capacity for “unscripted awesome”. You can have all the flashy and elaborate set pieces you want, if they happen regardless of the player’s actions and are merely pre-scripted scenes, but these will never awe and impress a player as much as something that happened of the game mechanics’ volition.

GTA V has been cited as an inspiration for big-name AAA games such as Fallout 4 (releasing tomorrow) for its implementation of player freedom. This, however, becomes apparent in more ways than simply giving the player free reign over their own actions, but putting them into a world which changes around them independent of their actions.

Have you ever caused some epic accident in GTA V?

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