The Hulkbuster And Hulk Duke It Out In GTA V

We totally called it. Way back when the Iron Man armor mod came to GTA V, closely followed by the massive Hulkbuster armor, we said that all we need now is an Incredible Hulk mod for the epic showdown which comprised most of the marketing for Age of Ultron. Then, when the Incredible Hulk mod was actually released for GTA V, we once again said that now all that remains to be done is for someone to put the two together and, voila!



Well, it took a heck of a lot longer than we expected, but finally GTA V's players came through with a short video made using the Rockstar Editor, as well as the two mods.


In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Scarlet Witch, while still aligned with Ultron, possesses the Hulk to turn against his fellow Avengers while in Wakanda. The big green beast then went on a destructive rampage through a nearby city, prompting Tony Start to activate project "Veronica", the fail-safe system in the case of the Hulk losing control.

Better known as the Hulkbuster, the fail safe is a massive armor add-on to the basic Iron Man suit, which makes Tony Stark's iconic red and gold exo-suit larger than the Hulk - and equally strong.

The ensuing fight scene was featured in every trailer, and leading up to release, all the fans were discussing their excitement for the sequence. What they finally got certainly lived up to expectations (even if the rest of the movie didn't), and the downtown setting makes it ideal for a Los Santos recreation.

The Rockstar Editor version is a tad shorter than the real fight, seeing a the limitations of GTA V, most scenes, moves and set pieces could not be recreated. Despite this, Powerlight-13 makes an admirable attempt, and the result is one of the most impressive Rockstar Editor creations yet.

How did you guys like Age of Ultron?

Matt Stone

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