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The GTA V Vehicle Modding Floodgates Have Opened


We recently reported that popular 3D modelling software, ZModeler, had an import/export feature designed specifically for GTA V added to it, in order to facilitate vehicle modding. Up until this point doing such a thing by way of GTA 5 mods has been a pretty difficult ordeal.

It didn't take long for the new method to catch on, as the web is already flooded with new GTA V vehicle mods that were made with the ZModeler software. While ZModeler allows for skilled modders to create their own models from scratch, it has also made converting other models to be compatible with GTA V a possibility, which in turn has lead to vehicles from previous GTA games, primarily IV, as well as vehicles from entirely other franchises, to be added to GTA V (ever wanted to fly around Los Santos in an X-wing?).

Besides the obvious and awesome move of putting Starfighters into GTA V, the most popular mods are those adding real-world cars to the game, replacing the licence-and-legal-issues-free fake cars currently populating the streets of Los Santos (yup, including real world cards in GTA V like this might not stack up 100% legally - same issues as the New Zealand mod has).

If you've been hurting for real life BMWs and Nissans to be cruising around GTA V, then these are golden times for you however.

Modders have already created a multitude of vehicle mods for the game. Applying these mods will almost always require the use of the OpenIV tool, so make sure you have it installed and updated, and all mods come with a warning to only use them offline, as modding in GTA Online will bring upon you the burning wrath of Rockstar.

Among the new influx of car mods are one which add the 2013 BMW M135i, the Nissan Skyline R34 (which has been modeled after Paul Walker's car in Fast and Furious 2) and 2015 Dodge Charger RT, among many others.

Will you guys be using the new vehicle mods for GTA V?


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