The GTA V Accident That Caused 5 Minutes Of Explosions

We all know what it’s like to drive in GTA games. You don’t follow the rules, go really fast and, more often than not, you crash and burn. However, you probably never crashed and burned quite as spectacularly as one particular GTA V player. Honestly, guys, if you learn how to drive in GTA, please don’t ever sit behind a steering wheel. The continued existence of the entire human race depends on this.

Someone, think of the children.


But of course there are no children in GTA V, so we can laugh gleefully at the following video where someone driving around Los Santos at high speed (note the first-person perspective) on a bike bumps into someone slightly, causing the bike to fall over and skid along the highway a bit before bursting out in flames. Luckly the player who was driving the bike wasn’t wasted, so they had the chance to record the ensuing chaos. The bike exploded, and a few other vehicles were unlucky enough to be caught in the fireball, so naturally they too were set on fire.

Now, the civilian AI in GTA V doesn’t seem to be the modeled on a particularly high IQ average, as other drivers either crashed into the burning vehicles head on, or made poor attempts to evade the maelstrom at high speeds, which, obviously, lead to more crashes. The following chain reaction of cars piling up, exploding, and thus setting fire to other cars, which then piled up and exploded perpetuated itself for circa five minutes. Usually, you’d need some sort of mod or a pretty elaborate stage plan to cause mayhem such as this, but what we see in the video is purely GTA V being GTA V. I’m pretty sure this constitutes as a world record.

Have you guys witnessed/caused any spectacular accidents in GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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