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The GTA Online Lowriders Update Is Eating Wallets


Funny, back when the Lowriders update only existed as a rumor borne of a code-snippet reading "LOW" and a few references to new vehicles (which were rather cheap) people began to theorize that it would be some sort of "Lowlife" DLC to act as refreshment for players after Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 broke the bank.

Well, the new base lowrider cars are indeed pretty damn cheap. The customization? Oh boy, the customization.


Tricking out your sweet new lowrider with all the customization options is going to take a massive chomp out of your funds. In fact GTA Online players have taken to Reddit to discuss the prices of the new modifications you can purchase at Benny's Original Motorworks.


One player said that fully tricking out a Faction with all the goods cost him 1.1 million in GTA $. Another said that he had saved up around $4.2 million, and expected that that would be plenty enough for buying all the new content in the DLC.

Id been grinding since the DLC was announced and was happy with $4.2 mill, I thought that would be enough to buy and customize all 6 cars. Back to grinding!

Someone else estimated that fully customizing all six cars would cost approximately $6.5 million, and another replied that after buying and customizing them all fully, his wallet was $10 million lighter!


Broken down, the costs of a lowrider in GTA Online increase as you go. The base car is the cheapest component of the whole thing. Converting the car into a customizable form at Benny's will be $400k, and that just gives you the same car with the option for modding unlocked. And then come the components and paintjobs and whatnot.

The hydraulics alone is north of $200k, with countless other options available. Depending on car, one lowrider will go well above the one million mark. Do you guys have enough GTA $ to build your dream lowrider? If so, can you send some our way!?


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