The Galactic Republic Brings Democracy To GTA V - Star Wars Mod!

We already have an Imperial Star Destroyer mod, so might as well take a trip back in time (there's a mod for that too) through Star Wars history to an era where the large army of identical dudes wearing white and black combat armor were the good guys. Arguably the shittier half of the legendary franchise, much of the prequel trilogy and affiliated media deals being with the Clone Wars, a period of conflict between the age-old Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Clone Troopers Phase I

Now, the clones have attacked Los Santos thanks to a new mod.

GTA V is extremely popular. Star Wars is extremely popular. GTA V can be modded. Nobody should there be surprised that there are Star Wars mods for GTA V. Previously, we've seen the addition of Luke's landspeeder in stylish metallic chrome, and also a mod which replaced the small hapless little blimp timidly circling the Los Santos airspace. Yeah, that was replaced with an imposing triangle Imperial Star Destroyer (albeit sans turbolasers.).


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With the game already containing a sci-fi weapon in the form of the railgun, it was about time we got a sufficiently futuristic outfit to go with is. As stylish as high-powered beam weapons are when paired with suits, a well tailored blazer won't be much help if the enemy has similar armament. This is where the phase I Clone Trooper armor mod comes into play.

The armor mod (complete with clipping issues and all) looks gorgeous in GTA V. And despite being unlike any weapon to rear its head in Star Wars, the GTA V railgun fits the picture nicely. Even those unfamiliar with Star Wars can realize that this indeed is a clone and not a Stormtrooper, as he does not miss a single shot (granted, there are only two).

Would you guys be interested in seeing further Star Wars mods in GTA V?


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