The Galactic Empire Has Invaded GTA V (Star Wars!)

Soon you may experience this while playing on console.

We have felt a great disturbance in the force, and so have most of Los Santos' citizens. But what is it?

A pizza slice? A hazard sign? A food pyramid? A Pythagorean math problem? Nope, what it is is an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer. A massive capital ship with an impressive armament and vast contingent of TIE fighters looming over the world of GTA V - and you can drive it.

All of this is thanks to mods, of course, and the hard work of fans of both Star Wars and GTA V. This mod replaces the blimp circling the Los Santos Airspace with a model of the iconic Imperial Star Destroyer. It seems that recently, GTA V's blimp has become a favored target for modders who replace it with something very big and evil.


Just like the original blimp and Harbinger, the Imperial Star Destroyer can be piloted, however once again the absence of massive lasers is a bit of a bummer.

Now, flying the thing may not be the easiest task in the world considering the size and lack of manoeuvrability, but it sure as hell looks like the coolest thing ever. The massive ship has such an iconic silhouette, that simply the sight of it is bound to make Star Wars fans jumpy.

To be honest, I do not recall any other game where you could pilot a Star Destroyer around (controlling units in strategy games doesn't count), and even considering that this is just a mod, it fulfills a long-time dream of many a Star Wars fan. And just in case the Star Destroyer isn't enough Star Wars for you (what is wrong with you?), and you'd like to drive around in Luke's landspeeder, there's a mod for that too!

What do you guys think of this GTA V mod?

Aron Gerencser
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