The Best GTA Online Crews Of 2015

2015 was a momentous year for GTA Online. It saw countless updates which expanded it with so much raw content that new players can barely keep up with all the stuff going on. There have been changes, additions, massive overhauls, crises and contests aplenty. 2015 was marked by leaks, rumors and (unfortunately) hackers.



As much as GTA Online is about Rockstar, and their efforts to keeping the game fresh and fun, GTA Online is even more about the players. The players that keep its gears turning, the players that make up the community, and the players that buy all those Shark Cards.


Playing with randoms isn't all that fun and the best way to make some new friends in GTA Online is joining a crew. The resident equivalent of a guild or clan, Crews have become extremely competitive over time. Turf wars and rivalries sprung up all around with Crews constantly gunning for the leaderboards.


2015 also marked the introduction of Adversary Modes to GTA Online, which are perfect for two Crews to duke it out. And if you found yourself going against the NoDo Crew on PS4 you were out of luck. They scored 2,810 victories landing them first place in wins, as well as 7,009 kills, bringing them a close second to The Luckers.

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When it comes to Deathmatches, Merkalot is the undeniable king, with both wins and kills putting them far ahead of second place. Looking at the Races and Snapmatic categories, the winning Crew's names should make their victories no surprise. S Class Pro Races won a whopping 2,496 races, with second place only bringing 963 wins. On the photography side, GTAPhotographers racked up 367,229 likes, with second place Snapmatic Art coming in at 163,672 - a massive difference!



With these leaderboards released you can expect Crew rivalries to hit an all time high this year. All the second place Crews will try to claw their way to the top, not to mention countless other Crews fighting for a place on these lists.

Are any of the winning GTA Online Crews represented among our readers?


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