Tale Of Us Comes To GTA Online In New DLC

With Rockstar opting to release the resident DJs for After Hours spread out across several weeks, players were restricted to Solomun until today. Beyond the newest DJs, this update also brings a pair of new vehicles and a new radio station to the game.

The new resident DJs are Tale of Us, comprised of Italian duo Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri. Once recruited for your nightclub, their virtual counterparts will be playing music the DJs prepared for an upcoming album soon to be released on other music distribution platforms, giving GTA Online players an early sneak peek.

The songs from their upcoming album, Afterlight (curiously similar to the name of the DLC) will also be heard on the new radio station coming to GTA Online. Los Santos Underground Radio will be playing techno and house beats from the four DJs joining After Hours.


Two new vehicles have joined the game's already impressive lineup. The Enus Stafford is a vintage luxury car that will make you feel like a 1%er from the roaring 20's, with a price tag to match - this mobile status symbol will set you back GTA$ 1,272,000.

The other, even more ridiculous vehicle is the controllable Blimp. A Pegasus vehicle, the Blimp is available with two pricing options - at full price, it costs GTA$ 1,190,350 (there is no way an actual blimp would cost less than a vintage-looking car), however after completing 10 nightclub management missions, that price is pushed down to GTA$ 895,000.

There are several liveries available for the blimp, including one for each of the four resident DJ artists, one that changes dynamically with your nightclub's branding, and an additional 8 based on various in-game companies. Performance-wise, the Blimp is identical to the Xero Blimp.

Login rewards this week include a Studio Los Santos t-shirt for all players and an exclusive livery for the Stafford for Guest List members. Eligible Guest List players also get a financial boost of GTA$100,000, two exclusive t-shirts and a pair of liveries for the Patriot Stretch.

Discounts this week see the return of the magic 25% Rockstar loves so much, with that rate applying to everything on offer. These include Hangars and their renovations, Executive Offices and their renovations, Executive Garages and their renovations, Clubhouses and their renovations, Bunkers and their renovations, Special Cargo Warehouses and Bikers Businesses.

Rockstar has also dropped hints about "a lost relic from the old frontier" which is obviously alluding to the Stone Hatchet and its associated challenge that was recently discovered, so players can expect it to appear in GTA Online later this week.

Solomun, first resident DJ released for After Hours, has also recently released a new music video shot entirely in GTA Online using the Rockstar Editor.

Customer is King is Solomun's newest EP, and also marks his 100th release with his label. The music video has a narrative structure and follows Solomun's in-game character engaging in the various sell missions of businesses. The video even incorporates the iconic GTA typeface.

It's an interesting phenomenon, seeing a game that has exploded in popularity like GTA Online now using its player base to function almost like an advertising platform.

Rockstar has used GTA Online to promote their upcoming game, Red Dead Redemption 2, and shooting an official in-game music video will also open up new demographics who play GTA Online but may not have engaged with the artist before.

According to Rockstar's schedule, Dixon will be coming next week with The Black Madonna dropping a week after that.

Matt Gibbs

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