Take-Two Interactive officially settles GTA modding lawsuit

The lawsuit filed by Take-Two Interactive against a group of modders is finally settled.

The GTA modding community has conflicting thoughts about Take-Two Interactive's stance about modding.

Take-Two filed a court document on April 4 to formally dismiss the lawsuit "with prejudice", which means it's done and over, for good. An April 5 filing officially closed the lawsuit while adding all the remaining defendants aside from the four initially mentioned.

In the initial lawsuit, Take-Two claimed that it was owed $300,000 in damages. It's unclear if whether Take-Two received proper compensation or if the parties involved agreed on a different solution.


Now that it's settled, the modding team will "bear its own costs, expenses and attorneys' fees," and the same goes for Take-Two.

Take-Two Interactive has, for the most part, done a great job making sure their games are enjoyable by default.

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Take-Two Interactive has a reputation for going to great lengths to protect its properties. It has done an excellent job protecting its games from unwanted modifications.

It's also an open secret that some mods cause issues and problems, which Take-Two wants to avoid. Take-Two spends a lot of money making sure that its games like the Grand Theft Auto franchise, among others, are playable as is with zero modifications.

Take-Two is expected to ramp up its protective efforts as we inch closer to the release of Grand Theft Auto 6.

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