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Take Two CEO "confirms" GTA 6 release date in recent interview

Grand Theft Auto 6's release will be one of the few things in recent history that may break the internet.

From the sandy beaches of Los Santos to the neon lights of Vice City, the Grand Theft Auto series has taken us on countless thrilling adventures. But as GTA fans collectively hold their breath for the next iteration, the whispers surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6 grow louder.

In an age where leaks, hints, and rumors fuel speculation, Rockstar Games has remained enigmatically silent about its most anticipated title yet. However, the same can't be said for someone way higher up the chain.

Take-Two Interactive's CEO, Strauss Zelnick, recently stoked the flames of anticipation in what's easily the biggest proof of GTA 6's release window yet. When CNBC threw the million-dollar question about GTA 6's release date his way, Zelnick, always a maestro of corporate oratory, responded with a delicate dance between secrecy and revelation.

"We leave the announcement of upcoming titles to our labels," he began, then proceeded to hint at a "very robust pipeline of titles" and "a great outlook for fiscal 2025." This fiscal projection, expected to be around $8 billion in net bookings, sounds almost mythical. Yet, given GTA's track record as arguably the most profitable entertainment franchise ever, these figures start to make sense.

To clarify, Zelnick's fiscal year 2025 corresponds to April 2024 through March 2025. The same fiscal period has been repeatedly highlighted in Take-Two's earnings report. Why? Because it points towards a "significant inflection point" - a corporate euphemism that's hard to interpret as anything other than the release of GTA 6.

But Zelnick isn't the sole harbinger of GTA news. The rumor mill spins a consistent story: GTA 6 is imminent. The game, speculated to be one of the priciest ever produced, is expected to not only recoup its investment but also generate monumental profits. When you consider the earnings report for Take-Two's fiscal year 2024, boasting net bookings of $1.2 billion for just the first quarter, Zelnick's confidence starts making sense. With a predicted total net booking of around $5.5 billion for the entire fiscal year, the upcoming period is already shaping up to be massive.

Even in the world of industry speculation, it's important to recognize unofficial, yet informed opinions. For example, if GTA 6 comes out in spring 2025, it most likely means it suffered from an internal delay. After all, Rockstar usually reserves its biggest launches for later in the year, usually during the holiday season.

Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive both have the enviable problem of making sure the launch of what's likely going to be the greatest entertainment product of all time goes well.

The setting of GTA 6 is also a hot topic of speculation. While Vice City, a simulacrum of Miami, was a beloved locale of a past title, its mention in recent leaks has led many to believe it'll be revisited. The vibrant 80's aesthetics of Miami, with its art deco and the cocaine cowboy lore, could provide the perfect backdrop for a game known for its rich narratives and evocative settings.

And as we collectively anticipate the game, we also ponder its innovations. With every title, Rockstar pushes the boundaries of open-world gameplay, storytelling, and realism. The leak from last year confirmed the series' first female protagonist, although her identity remains unclear.

It's a testament to GTA's impact that its forthcoming title generates such intense speculation. Even with scant official details, fans, industry experts, and even other gaming companies have spent countless hours trying to decipher clues about its release date, gameplay mechanics, and narrative twists.

Grand Theft Auto 6 may be set in Vice City but we're hoping that it explores other locales as well.

For now, Vice City's palm trees and criminal underbelly remain just out of reach, nestled somewhere in the horizon. But one thing is clear: when GTA 6 finally does arrive, it won't just be a game release. It'll be a cultural event.

Let's just hope the GTA guy doesn't feel the need to crash another event until then.


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  1. It is still up in the air either way with how this is worded. It could mean a late 2024 release or an early to late 2025 release. I am banking on it being out next year. I thought 2025 or even 2026 but I think they need the release to happen in 2024.

  2. @SilentSniperAU,
    Unless they have been working on two games this entire time and people have just been fixated on GTA 6. Like what if they release GTA 6 in 2024 like you are saying but then release another title the following year? That would be a MASSIVE profit.

  3. Talking about the fiscal year of 2025 can still mean GTA 6 comes out in late 2024, as in October, November, or December. Just want to point that out. All those sales will roll over and grow.

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