Take Hostages In GTA V With New Mod

You would think that in a game about theft, robbery, murder, assault, torture, fraud, corruption, and trespassing, there is more than enough crime to be had. The GTA V modding community constantly proves us wrong in this assumption though. Not too long ago, a mod allowing you to kidnap whoever it was driving the car you got into was released, and now this.


GTA V, by default, does not give you many options regarding PED interaction. You can bump into them, kill them, run them over, or piss them off arbitrarily, which will cause them to attack you, and then kill them. While kidnapping them or keeping them hostage isn’t exactly the best way of making friends, it at least gives you more interaction with the world of GTA V.

Modder GTATerminal has recently released HostagesV, a collaborative project between various well known modders which adds the gameplay mechanic mentioned above. With this mod players will be able to force any in-game NPC, even if they are armed, to become their hostage.


All you need to is activate the mod, draw, and aim at the desired victim. After this there is a wide variety of interaction options available. You can command them to kneel, to lie down, to put their hands up, or on their head,  or have them follow you around. You can mark hostages with minimap blips just so they don’t “go missing”.

Once you’ve had your fun (you sick bastard), you have three ways of ending the standoff. Free the hostages, gun them down, or as the author puts it, “humanely put them down using the ‘Kill’ button”.


Somewhat troubling.

The guys behind the mod do plan a few future updates, such as improving animations, ironing out a few bugs and add some new features.

What other criminals acts would you like to see modded into GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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