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Survival Series, Anniversary Giveaway And More In GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online will soon turn 6, and to celebrate its anniversary Rockstar has prepared a special gift for all the loyal players who help this game stay so popular many years after its release. A new set of Survival maps are also being added to the game and there are the usual selection of bonuses and discounts on offer too.

The Survival Series injects some fresh blood into older GTA Online content. Bringing 7 new Survival maps where you need to fend off Ballas and paramilitary forces among other enemies, the Survival Series is a great opportunity to take on some co-op challenges.

Just in case novelty alone isn't enough to pique your interest, Rockstar has temporarily doubled the rewards paid out by all Survival maps. Through the 2nd of October, every Survival match you play will award you 2x GTA$ and RP. The same bonus applies to all Mobile Operations Center missions as well.

GTA Online was first released on the 1st of October, 2013. With the 6th anniversary of the game just around the corner, Rockstar decided this week should be about celebration - therefore any and all players who log in to GTA Online through the 2nd of October will receive GTA$ 1,000,000 for free. Talk about a log-in reward!

That said, we also get our usual weekly shirt as well. The Declasse Logo White Tee can be yours if you log in to the game anytime during the same time period as the cash giveaway. You can also get a free car if you're lucky. The Declasse Mamba is this week's podium car, so ride on down to the Diamond if you fancy a chance at picking up this ride for free - and check out the Casino Store's newest stock.

With the anniversary coming up, Rockstar is in a nostalgic mood - while recently discount rates were varied, there was a period of time when everything was always reduced by the same percentage ("25% discount" has burned into my screen from 2016) - this week, all discounted items are on 40% sale.

These include an impressive selection of 10 cars manufactured by Declasse, such as the Scramjet, Voodoo and Tulip among others. Mobile Operations Centers are also on a discount, in case you don't have one but want a piece of the double reward bonuses. The notoriously expensive Benny's upgrades are also on sale - plenty of things to spend your free million on.

Happy birthday, GTA Online!


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