Sumo Remix Now Available In GTA Online

Next in line for the Remix treatment is an Adversary Mode that most people actually liked - Sumo. Now available in Grand Theft Auto Online, the remixed mode is joined by a number of discounts as well as a pair of log-in rewards for players to grab.

Sumo is one of the best Adversary Modes GTA Online has seen in its 5-year run, tasking four players to stay within the safe-zone while pushing their opponents out of bounds. The Remix version of the Adversary Mode sticks to the same basic concept but spices it up with some new rules.


This time around, the safe zone is malleable. It shrinks over time and even moves around. To make things even more exciting, bits of the arena randomly disappear leaving only a gaping chasm in their wake into which you can fall - or push your enemies.

There are a total of 7 new arenas designed specifically for the remixed version. Playing Sumo Remix through the 15th will net you double RP and GTA$.

In case the new Adversary Mode isn't your cup of tea, there are other ways to make double the cash. Last week's promotions got extended through the 8th of October, meaning that all Terrorbyte client jobs and Business Battles will pay out double.

A pair of exclusive t-shirts are up for grabs for all players who log into GTA Online this week.

Represent your preferred weapons retailer with either the white Ammunation shirt or the yellow Warstock Cache & Carry shirt. Of all the trivial things to be fighting each other over this seems particularly so, but we'd bet some are willing to turn store loyalism into an actual point of contention.

This week Rockstar is treating players to a particularly wide array of discounted items. Only one ride is 25% off - the HVY Menacer - and things only get better from there. Included in the 30% offerings are the Ocelot Stromberg, the HVY Cherbog, the Mobile Operations Center, the Vapid Flash GT, the Coil Raiden, the Vapid Caracara, the Overflod Entity XXR, the Mammoth Thruster and the Mammoth Avenger.

An even steeper 40% discount applies to the Nagasaki Shotaro, the BF Ramp Buggy, the JoBuilt Phantom Wedge, the Bravado Half-Track, the Ocelot Penetrator, the Pegassi Infernus Classic, the V-65 Molotok, the RM-10 Bombushka and the FH-1 Hunter.

Properties are also on sale, continually helping new blood dip into the business gameplay of GTA Online. Nightclubs are 25% off, the Office Garage is 30% off, Hangars and Bunkers are 40% off and finally Bikers Clubhouses and Offices are 50% off. To help you jump into these new businesses in style, Smuggler's Run and Doomsday Heist clothing alongside Bikers and Import/Export tattoos are all 30% off.

Check back next week to see what new content Rockstar has in store for GTA Online.

Aron Gerencser
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