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Stunt Race Bonuses Rocket Into GTA Online

Calling all daredevil drivers in Los Santos - Stunt Races are headlining this week's Grand Theft Auto Online bonuses, joining some other ways to earn a bit of extra GTA$ on the side. In addition to these bonuses are your usual selection of discounted items.

Stunt Races have been around for a while now, but the twisting and turning skyways, the dizzying loops, the overabundance of tubes and all those death traps still have some sense of novelty. With the various different types of stunt races - including the particularly wild Transform Races - and all the custom content created by fans using the Stunt Race Creator, this should come as no surprise.

Incidentally, all Rockstar created and Rockstar Verified tracks will pay out double RP and GTA$ this week. Brave impossible jumps, race around in suspended tracks straddling skyscrapers, rush through firetraps and revisit your meals on large loops all in the pursuit of material wealth - just make sure you live long enough to use your winnings.

If insane high-speed races aren't your thing, and you'd rather go with the security and stable income that comes with being the armed guard of one of Los Santos' high rolling criminal overlords, you can make a profit by being an associate or bodyguard. Bodyguard and Associate salaries have been doubled through the 18th of July.

A selection of high-end vehicles and properties have been put on sale this week.

If you're looking to protect yourself or gain access to one of the business-centric DLCs, you can make those investments at a 40% discount. Included in this offer are Facilities (The Doomsday Heist), Hangars (Smuggler's Run), Bunkers (Gunrunning), Executive Offices (Further Adventures In Finance And Felony), Special Cargo Warehouses, Biker Clubhouses and Businesses (Bikers) and Nightclubs with all renovations, add-ons and garages (After Hours).

The vehicles on offer are the Benefactor Terrorbyte, which unlocks several missions, the Mammoth Avenger and its renovations, which is a flying HQ, and the Mobile Operations Center, which is a base on wheels. All of these vehicles contain myriad gadgets and bonuses and unlock new content.


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