Strange New Information on GTA Online DLC


Update 1.10 was recently released for GTA V, and fans have found some interesting details in the update’s rpf files (which are obtained via users modding their PS3s…). The Heist data includes the following lines:

At the printer, press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to collect the heist details.
Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to collect the heist details.
Start Heist

If you’re planning to play the new heists, it sounds like you’ll need to have an in-game printer, which is a somewhat strange requirement.

There also will be a Tournament Qualification Playlist, where players can apparently watch sessions in progress, and new details on how to qualify for tournaments.

Tournament Qualification Playlist
You successfully recorded a total time of ~a~. All players that qualify for the Tournament will be contacted by Rockstar once the qualification period is over.
You’ve joined a Tournament Qualification Playlist in progress. Scores from this attempt will not be submitted.
Are you sure you want to start this Tournament Playlist?

Finally, a contact called “Maze Bank” has also been added. We have no idea what that is, although some players theorize it will be linked to the stock market system.

Printers and tournaments—this DLC should be interesting, to say the least. Let us know what your hopes and expectations are in the comments below.

Trevor Phillips
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