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Steal The Panther Statue In GTA Online This Week

The most lucrative target for your criminal exploits in Grand Theft Auto Online just got all the more enticing as rumors of a new treasure have surfaced. Even after you've stolen the prized contraband artwork, there are other bonuses to be benefitted from.

Reports claim that narcotics tycoon El Rubio has recently acquired a new crown jewel for his stolen art collection that decorates his private estate on Cayo Perico. Naturally, this means you need to steal it during a daring heist to the cash-ridden island hideout. Host the Cayo Perico Heist this week and scout the Panther Statue, a jewel encrusted golden masterpiece, as their primary target.

While Cayo Perico is also famous for its parties alongside the fortified drug trafficking HQ, you don't need to hop on a plane for a good rave. Nightclub owners can benefit from a two-pronged bonus promotion all week as Nightclub Management missions give 2x popularity boosts, while Nightclub income is tripled, giving you a huge passive revenue boost.

When you are done partying, leave behind the strobing neon lights of the dance floor and hop into your Terrorbyte to complete some Client Jobs for double rewards - both your GTA$ and RP gain will be twice the usual for completing these missions. Meanwhile that triple rewards bonus still applies to Motor Wars.

Logging in this week will earn you a bountiful bundle of log-in rewards. Everyone who plays GTA Online this week will get not one but four exclusive free clothing items: the Tale of Us Stacked Logo Tee, White Solomun Logo Tee, Dixon Glitch Logo Tee, and The Blessed Madonna We Believe Tee. What's more, if you are above Rank 100, you'll also bag a Orange Shade Camo livery for the HVY Menacer.

Speaking of free, you can win a Canis Freecrawler pre-customized with a fancy livery if you spin the Lucky Wheel in the Diamond Casino & Resort this week. While discounts aren't as good as freebies, they're still handy - pick up the Dinka Jester Classic, Ocelot Pariah, Vapid Festival Bus, the Blimp, the Pfister Neon, the Ocelot Lynx, the HVY Menacer, the Överflöd Entity XF and the HVY Brickade at 40% off.


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