Star Wars Battlefront Could Increase Sales Of GTA V?

We recently reported how the release of Fallout 4, a highly anticipated AAA title, pushed GTA V from the top of the Steam leaderboards, and caused a sudden drop in active players. However, Fallout 4 isn’t the only heavy-hitter to come out recently.

The revival of an old classic and return of a fan-favorite, the highly anticipated release of Star Wars: Battlefront arrived three days ago. However Take-Two Interactive’s CEO isn’t particularly worried about this event. He previously spoke about how Take-Two won’t change course regardless of GTA Online’s immense success. Most recently, at the MKM Partners Investor Day Conference regarding the company’s stance on annual releases.


When you buy [Star Wars Battlefront], it does not keep you from buying something of ours.

Not only is Strauss Zelnick confident that the release of Star Wars Battlefront will not hamper the sales of GTA V in any way what so ever, he actually thinks that they will help more copies of GTA V to come off the shelves. He thinks that with Battlefront drawing more people to stores, the number of prospective buyers coming into contact with “the chance or opportunity” to purchase GTA V will result in an increased amount of actual sales. The concept behind this is that the Star Wars brand will draw non-gamers to video game stores, and GTA is known to be a franchise widely adopted outside of the hardcore crowd.


The thing about entertainment is you never need to buy entertainment, so if there’s nothing you want out there, you don’t buy anything, and if there’s a lot out there, you tend to buy it all.

Zelnick is also counting on the holiday shopping buzz to boost sales even further – not that Take-Two is in need of any sales-boosting. But hey, money is money, right?

Any of you picking up Battlefront, or are you staying true to GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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