Speed Week In GTA Online, Several Vehicles Free

This week everyone in Los Santos is feeling the need for speed with all sorts of bonuses applied to various races, and some speedy vehicles available completely free. Check out the Grand Theft Auto Online activities paying out more than usual as well as the discounts during this open celebration of reckless velocity.

The main star of this week's event is the Open Wheel Race Series. GTA Online's take on Formula 1 racing is paying out double rewards this week. Hop into one of two high performance vehicles are burn rubber across a handful of tracks to earn 2x RP and GTA$ through the 24th of June.


If high speed racing isn't your cup of tea, there are other ways to earn a small bonus. Parachute Races are paying out triple to everyone who isn't afraid of heights and is willing to perform impressive stunts while plummeting to the ground. Alternatively, try your hand at a life of professional crime with VIP Work and Challenges paying double, and Bodyguard & Associate salaries being triple.

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This week is also big on free stuff, with a Coil USA Tee being the smallest of the freebies. You can grab the shirt simply by logging in, and if you try your luck at the Diamond Casino's Lucky Wheel you might win an Ocelot R88, one of the two F1 cars.

On top of all that, four vehicles have gone completely free this week. Claim the BF Raptor, Principe Nemesis, Shitzu Hakuchou and the Nagasaki Hot Rod Blazer before the promo is over and you gotta pay for them again. Alongside these freebies, there are some juicy discounts on offer too.

The Vapid Flash GT, Itali GTB and Coil Rocket Voltic are 40% off while the Ocelot Stromberg has been discounted by 35%. Additionally, all Executive Offices are 40% off, and their customizations are 30% off. Large Special Cargo Warehouses for a bit of white-collar crime are half price.


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