Special GTA V PC Promotions End Tomorrow



Tomorrow is February 1, and that means this is your last chance to pre-order GTA V PC with one of the bonus promotion deals. First, if you pre-order the game straight from the Rockstar Warehouse, you get a bonus $300,000 for GTA Online in addition to the regular pre-order bonuses, as well as your choice of a free game download from the 11 great options available.

Second, if you pre-order from Green Man Gaming or Steam, you’ll receive the bonus $300,000 for GTA Online and a Steam copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

These bonus pre-order offers expire tomorrow, so act fast if you want to take advantage of them. If you don’t care about the bonuses and want to buy the PC version of GTA V from another retailer, consider the following other options:

All GTA V pre-orders, no matter when you make your order, include $500,000 for GTA Online as well as $500,000 for the single-player mode. GTA V will be released for the PC on March 24. Have you pre-ordered?

Samantha Lienhard
Long-time staffer Sam might have been relatively new to the world of Grand Theft Auto when she joined, but has quickly caught up to speed on the world of Los Santos and all that it entails. You’ll find most of her posts in the news section, while she also maintains many of the other guides and other information pages you’ll find scattered around the site.


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