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Snow Has Returned To GTA Online

As promised by Weazel News' weather report, the snow has returned to GTA Online to commemorate New Year's Eve. It's likely going to be around for even shorter a time than it was for the Holidays, so you better get all snowball-fighting tension out of your system, because the game world will go back to perpetual summer for a year.

Snow in GTA Online is a rare sight indeed, only ever appearing for a few brief days each year around the festive season. It's "active" for 2-3 days around Christmas Eve and another day on New Year's. Fans have often wondered why it can't remain for the entire period in between those two dates, since seeing as many people travel for the holidays, they might not be able to log in and enjoy this phenomenon.

Rockstar is also marking the turn of the annum with some gifts, though naturally these aren't as loaded as what we got for Christmas. Players have been given free fireworks launchers, 10 firework rockets and a randomly rolled pick from the selection of unique t-shirts that could be unlocked in the past as log-in rewards during certain events.

The snow is always welcomed by players as a great new take on GTA Online, since it not only adds challenge to driving - granted, this particular feature isn't enjoyed by everyone - but it also changes up the scenery. Budding photo artists who use the in-game Snapmatic function particularly love this time of the year, as it allows them to capture unique images thanks to the snow, which is otherwise only possible with mods on PC.

There is another, more mystical property of snow in GTA Online - it alters the behavior of most players, making them less prone to griefing, and more likely to band together. Players aren't as violent to one another as they are under normal circumstances, and chances are that if you throw a snowball at someone, they'll also respond with a snowball and not a grenade.

How are you enjoying the snow in GTA Online?


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