Smuggler's Week Kicked Off In GTA Online With Login Reward

Grand Theft Auto Online's newest in-game event has begun, giving players new ways to earn double rewards and bringing a new set of discounted items to Los Santos.

While this week has no new content in the form of vehicles or Adversary Modes, players who log into the game through the 30th of April will unlock a special reward. Rockstar has also teased new content coming next week.

In lieu of any new vehicle or game mode this week, players will have to make do with an exclusive log-in reward that you can unlock simply by playing GTA Online before the event ends. The reward is a unique livery for the Anti-Aircraft Trailer weaponized vehicle which plasters the ride with a bunch of overlapping skulls covering the entire surface. This would have been cooler if a new skull would be added for each kill achieved with the AA Trailer, but hey, this is cool enough as it is. This tendency of offering liveries as log-in rewards seems to be an evolution of the previous reward system which gave unique in-game shirts.


In case you don't own an Anti-Aircraft Trailer, worry not for Rockstar has filled GTA Online with double rewards opportunities allowing you to save up for one in no time. Smuggler's Run sell missions are among the most lucrative activities the game has to offer, and with this double rewards scheme, it will temporarily be the most lucrative activity.

Additional modes also offer double rewards through the 30th of April.

Stockpile, an aerial Adversary Mode running in the same vein as Smuggler's Run is part of the promotion, as is the new Vespucci Job mode, inspired by the Italian Job. Also, the relatively new racing mode, Hotring Circuit, featuring the Hotring Sabre, will yield twice as much GTA$ and RP as usual.

With four different activities offering double rewards, players have all the means presented to them for earning big.

A vast array of in-game items have been discounted and Rockstar broke with their tradition of discounting absolutely everything by a uniform 25%. The aircrafts included in this week's sale, meaning the Nagasaki Ultralight, Nagasaki Havok, RM-10 Bombushka, P-45 Nokota, LF-22 Starling, Buckingham Pyro, Mammoth Mogul, Mammoth Tula and Buckingham Howard NX-25, are all 40% off.

If you prefer sticking to solid ground, the Grotti Visione, Vapid Retinue and Coil Cyclone are all 30% off. Upgrading your vehicles will also be friendlier to your wallet, with 25% discounts on brakes, aircraft weapons, countermeasures, aircraft weapons, vehicle engines and vehicles armor, plus a 40% discount on all liveries.

If you're riding in style, you might as well be well dressed - all Smuggler's Run clothing and racing suits are 25% off, alongside parachutes and all related accessories.

Rockstar has also announced next week's DLC.

GTA Online: Special Vehicle Circuit will be released on the 1st of May, and will bring many of the most interesting and unique vehicles from The Doomsday Heist into the stunt racing fold. The new races will feature the Mammoth Thruster, the Imponte Deluxo and the Ocelot Stromberg, and Rockstar has even more content, including new vehicles, modes and Creator updates in store for the future.

Logan Smith

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