Short Trips, Double Rewards In GTA Online This Week

The launch of Grand Theft Auto 5 Expanded and Enhanced is almost upon us, but that does not mean that the weekly schedule of Online bonuses can get interrupted. Team up with Lamar for bonuses during his latest scheme, and blow the profits on some neat discounted items.

The theme of the week is Short Trips, a series of missions featuring Lamar Davis and Franklin Clinton, returning characters from GTA 5's story mode. Starting out as Lamar's attempt to get a legitimate marijuana business off the ground, things take a typical GTA-esque turn. This week, Short Trips are paying out double GTA$ and RP.

If you finish any Short Trips mission this week, you'll get a one time bonus of a free Black SA Fitted Cap and GTA$ 100,000. Not exactly a fortune by current in-game standards but it will help pay the bills at the very least.


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A new week means a new set of Adversary Modes are in rotation, among them Hunting Pack (Remix) which is paying out 2x rewards all week long. If you manage to win a round of the mode, you'll unlock the permanent Trade Price discount on the Declasse Scramjet.

Pilots will have a field day with these current crop of bonuses, as Air Races and Smuggler's Run Sell Missions are both dishing out triple rewards, while Flight School Activities are paying double the usual RP and cash.

This week's Prize ride is the Pfister Comet S2 Cabrio, while the Bravado Buffalo STX, Declasse Tulip, and Benefactor Schlagen GT can be taken for a spin at the Test Track. The Übermacht Zion Classic can be yours for free if you win the vehicle reward at the Lucky Wheel.

Discounts this week include a 40% reduction on the price of all Hangars and their upgrades, while Record A Studios is slashing the prices of all their merchandise by 30%. The Grotti Cheetah Classic is 30% off, while the Buffalo Bravado STX is discounted by 25%.


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