Several Leaks Show Future GTA Online Content

With the announcement and release of GTA Online Lowriders proving that the word of data miners may be trusted (most/some of the time), the various rumors spawned during the time of mistrust are now viewed in a new light. Going forward too, newly revealed leaks are viewed with much more faith than before.

The aforementioned Lowriders update’s code is being picked apart to discover what the future of GTA Online may hold for fans of the game in terms of new content. The data miners are hard at work uncovering all sorts of secrets, and these are the first fruits of their labor to ripen.


Let’s get the small stuff out of the way first. Remember that Frankenstein’s Monster bobble head that will be added in the upcoming Halloween DLC? Well, it isn’t the only one. We’ll also be getting a sweet werewolf-with-a-lumberjack-shirt bobble head as well with which we can trick out our ride.

Another new piece of info revealed about the Halloween DLC is the price of the two new cars, the Albany Lurcher hearse and the Franken Strange hot-rod. The Franken Strange will go for the average price of GTA$540,000, so people who didn’t grind for half an average human life can have a chance at enjoying the new content. The Lurcher goes for an equally average, yet fittingly demonic price, as the hearse can be yours for just GTA$666,666. Rockstar’s not at all subtle humor strikes once more.

Finally, we have a bit of leaked content that won’t be arriving with the Halloween DLC, but at an unspecified future point. GTA V is set to receive an in-game incarnation of a prototype weapon currently being developed for the US military. The handheld air-burst grenade launcher in question has had video game outings before. Keep your eyes peeled for the XM25, which quite the beast.

Which of the new leaked GTA Online content are you most looking forward to?

Aron Gerencser
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