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Schyster Deviant Added To GTA Online; Weekly DLC Day Changed

We were a bit surprised when the Tuesday just gone yielded no new update for Grand Theft Auto Online.

We figured it may be related to Rockstar announcing a week-long promo last week, but as it turns out the day was simply pushed back to Thursday. This week's update brings the usual goods - a new car, a log-in reward, discounts and ways to earn some extra GTA$ are all here.

The new car, the Schyster Deviant, is a mean-looking muscle car that has unique origins. While most cars that appear in GTA games are mashups of two or more real world cars that are similar to one another, changed just enough to prevent legal complications, the Deviant is based on a custom vehicle. The Javelin AMX Defiant, which is a heavily modified 1972 muscle car, served as the basis of this ride.

Rockstar sprinkled some design elements from the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, another classic, into the mixture. The result is bound to get any fan of muscle cars excited, as the Deviant is one hell of a looker. It's also priced very moderately in GTA Online terms - it can be yours for just GTA$512,000, meaning most players should be able to buy and customize it to their heart's content.

In keeping with the new car, this week's log-in reward is a limited Schyster logo t-shirt, unlocked for your virtual wardrobe the moment you load into the game. However, players now have a chance to unlock some of the older limited edition in-game shirts, as this week Business Battles have a chance to net you a GTA$ 500,000 bonus and a randomly selected log-in reward shirt.

RC Bandito Races continue to pay out double RP and GTA$ this week. Additionally, if you feel like you need a little more action in your life, you can always take on the Trading Places (Remix) Adversary Mode, also offering double rewards. Nightclub income is also doubled, and thanks to a 2x boost for Nightclub popularity, that passive income will be all the easier to rack up.

If you haven't jumped into the Nightclub business yet, now is your chance. Nightclubs, renovations, garages, warehouses and DJs are all 30% off, meaning you need less starting capital to boot up your venue. Nightclubs are not only a source of passive income, but Nightclub warehouses completely change the game when it comes to other businesses, and allow you to vastly increase the rate at which you earn GTA$ with less effort.

A number of vehicles are also discounted, including the Terrorbyte and its renovations at 35% and 30%, respectively. The HVY Menacer and B-11 Strikeforce are other highlights.

Keep in mind that by logging into GTA Online this weekend you'll become eligible for a GTA$ 250,000 bonus, and if you do so every weekend that will add up to a total of GTA$ 1,000,000 by the end of the month.

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