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San Andreas Prix Week In GTA Online

If you aren't afraid of a bit of speed and have the driving skills needed for the tightest hairpin turns in Grand Theft Auto Online, Prix Week is for you. Earn big on the racetrack, or call up your partners in crime for some less than honest work to unlock special rewards.

The recently released Los Santos Summer Special DLC added 9 new tracks to the Open Wheel Races series, so you'll have plenty of variety when making the most of this week's triple rewards bonus on all Rockstar created Open Wheel Races. You'll rake in three times the usual RP and GTA$ as you speed across the finish line.

If racing isn't your forte, there are other opportunities for earning some extra rewards. Join up to three other players for some illegal co-op action in VIP and Motorcycle Club work and challenges, paying out double rewards all week.

Not only does this fatten your wallet, but Rockstar will keep an eye on which kind of activity is more popular to determine next week's bonus - if more VIP work is done, Special Cargo Missions will pay out double, whereas if MC work proves more popular, Biker Businesses Sell Missions will get reward bonuses.

On top of all that, if you complete any VIP or MC work mission or challenge, you'll unlock the free Green Dot Tech Mask for your character! You can also get a free The Vapers Den t-shirt for doing even less - simply log into GTA Online anytime this week to unlock the clothing item.

Since we're on the topic of free stuff, you can also get a prime vehicle for those triple-reward open wheel races if you spin the Lucky Wheel in the Diamond Casino and Resort. The Progen PR4 is spinning on the podium, so if you're lucky you can upgrade your racing game at no extra cost.

You can only gain access to MC and VIP work if you have friends in high places, or are that friend in high places. To help you achieve that, all MC Clubhouses, Bikers Businesses, Executive Offices and their various upgrades are all 40% off this week. A couple of vehicles are also discounted, including the Ocelot R88 at 35% off and the Declasse Hotring Sabre, Declasse Drift Tampa and Declasse Drift Yosemite at 40% off.


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