Declasse Sabre Turbo Available In GTA Online

The long awaited release of the final April lowrider in GTA Online has finally arrived. The Declasse Sabre Turbo, announced last week when Rockstar kicked off the newest event, is now available for purchase and customization at Benny's Original Motorworks. The muscle car is the third and last in a line of lowriders released individually on a weekly basis throughout April to expand on the Lowriders: Custom Classics update which launched in March.


Despite being the last to be released, the Sabre Turbo was among the first to be leaked way back when the game files for the initial Custom Classics update were cracked and the in-game models loaded up into the engine. Around the same time, the models for some of the assets used in Inch By Inch were also leaked along with snippets of code suggesting that there will be more than one football related Adversary Mode coming to GTA Online. We have yet to hear any news about the second one - most people assumed it would arrive alongside the Sabre.


The new Sabre became available for purchase and upgrade a few hours ago, with players racing to be the first to take their new tricked out ride to the top of Mt.Chiliad - a new custom that has been adopted by the GTA Online community since the first of the April lowriders was released.

The new Sabre features a number of customization options, all selected to fit the muscle car theme, as well as countless liveries, paint-jobs, interior options and more for you to make the car your own. Like the other lowriders available in GTA Online, a Sabre Turbo will be quite the investment, especially if you want all the customization options.

The Sabre Turbo is more of a muscle car than a straight-faced lowrider, meaning that Benny's is expanding into new territory once again. It has done so before back when the Banshee and Sultan were made available in upgraded forms, turning them into super cars and again with the Donk, which is, well... a Donk. While this is somewhat different from the endless slew of lowrider themed content, it isn't exactly what we'd call variety. Some players feel that Rockstar should move into a different direction with future DLC.

While the Sabre Turbo didn't bring any new body options and features fewer customization parts than most other cars you can mod at Benny's, players have noted that a fully upgraded Sabre Turbo is now the fastest muscle car in the game. Other than the two super cars, that makes this the third ride at Benny's that has any use in racing. The actual lowriders aren't known for their speed, after all.

With the Sabre Turbo being the last of the content that has been leaked - except for hints of another Adversary Mode - the future of GTA Online content is for the first time in a long while, uncertain. It's only so long until the first rumors start popping up. It's even a possibility that Rockstar might have found a way to prevent the leaks. However, we doubt it would be a priority for them, since all the publicity those rumors generate doesn't cost them a dime.


Speaking of dimes, if you're hurting for the new Sabre Turbo, the current GTA Online event also includes an inverse-discount on Shark Cards, paid microtransactions (or not-so-micro transactions, in the case of the Megalodon) which allow players to gain in-game currency in exchange for real money. The prices for the cards didn't go down, but you do get more in-game cash for each tier. The aforementioned Megalodon card is an especially good deal, with 50% extra cash added gratis, resulting in a $12 million payout.

It's no surprise that Rockstar is pushing these Shark Cards so much - they've made the company over $500 million in profits, which is more than a sixth of the total revenue brought in by GTA V. With a profit of $3 billion and counting, this is officially the most successful game in financial terms, not to mention the most popular - over 60 million physical copies have been sold, plus who knows how many digitally. The weekly unique log-in count of Online is over 8 million.


It's these staggering numbers that allow the company to keep churning out free DLC for GTA Online like the new Sabre Turbo. In fact, the recent increase in DLC release frequency that happened to coincide with a steady decrease in DLC size have lead to players theorizing that the dev team is up to something big. Whether or not it's the next big update, or a new game they intend to unveil at E3 remains a mystery - until the next leak, that is.

Have you bought yourself an all new Sabre Turbo in GTA Online? Feel free to share images and videos of your new ride in the comments, and let the speculation regarding what the next DLC may hold begin!

Aron Gerencser
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