Rockstar’s Red Hook Really Should Be In GTA Online

Rockstar Games organizing bicycle races hasn’t gotten any less weird since last time, but oh well. This year, the Red Hook Criterium race returns to Milano for The Red Hook Criterium Milano No. 6, starting on the 10 of October, this Saturday.

This will be the grand finale of the 2015 Red Hook Criterium Championship Series, meaning that once the last competitor has passed the Milanese finish line, Red Hook will be taking a break till sometime early next year. Previously we reported on the Barcelona round of this year’s Red Hook, which had gotten the attention of GTA V players who clamored for a weekend event to commemorate the race within GTA Online. During that time bike related jobs netted players double rewards.


Since the epic Freemode Events DLC has been released, it’s opened up GTA Online for even more possibilities. Could Rockstar make up for last time by introducing an all new Freemode Event centered around a bike race?

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Rockstar has released an info graphic to familiarize fans with what to expect from this year’s final race. It should come as no surprise that the Milano round’s participants will be mostly Italian, making up almost half of the total competitors.


The poster also gives predictions for the average and top speeds the bikers will reach, about which we have no idea how it was calculated. The whole circuit will be one and a quarter kilometers long, meaning this won’t be no lazy Tour De France slo,g but a fierce high speed race from start to finish.

Rockstar could easily implement pre-designed paths on the GTA V map and have events which allow players only to participate with two wheeled vehicles in GTA Online. Thus having a sort of “Red Hook” Freemode Event, expanding the already large list of new missions added with 1.29. Who would be interested in a Red Hook event coming to GTA Online?

Aron Gerencser
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