Rockstar’s Crew Member Cap Raised, Live Crew vs. Crew Planned


Rockstar’s Social Club Crews, which for a long time were capped at 300 members per Crew, will now have the capacity for 1,000 members. When you play with Crew members, you earn 10% more RP than when you play alone, so if you haven’t already joined a Crew, you might consider doing so now.

In celebration of the new cap, Rockstar is offering an incentive to get together the best Crew you can—although we expect most Crews would have started recruiting when they heard the announcement anyway—by also announcing the first GTA Online Crew vs. Crew live battle stream, which will be broadcast on Twitch and Youtube on February 7 at 2 PM ET.

If you’re interested in participating, you can email Rockstar at Not everyone will get to be involved, but you have a chance if you tell them the name of your Crew, give them the link to your Crew’s profile, tell them which platform you play on, and explain why you think your Crew should be featured during the stream. They also mentioned two things that might improve your chances: 1. A video showing your Crew’s skills in competitive modes, and 2. A particular Crew you want to face off against.

Trevor Phillips
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