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Rockstar confirms The Last Dose update for GTA Online

Rockstar Games' Los Santos Drug Wars update for GTA Online continues the line of quality content the game has received for years.

Rockstar Games is ending last year's fan-favorite Los Santos Drug Wars expansion. The Last Dose is an upcoming five-mission update serving as a narrative conclusion to this chapter of the wildly popular former GTA 5 offshoot.

After taking you deep into a psychedelic-filled conspiracy backed by Los Santos' seemingly villainous pharmaceutical industry, it's now up to you and your fellow criminals to find out exactly what's going on.

According to the latest Rockstar Newswire post, The Last Dose is coming on March 16 on all platforms.

Here's the description of The Last Dose:

Reach the bottom of the rabbit hole in five new story missions that reveal the mysterious connection between Los Santos' illicit drug trade and the pharmaceutical industry, as Dr. Isiah Friedlander returns to the fray to wreak havoc in this mind-bending and twisted finale.

We're excited to see what else Rockstar has in store for GTA Online this year.

GTA Online continues to get a constant stream of updates and it appears the developers are more than happy to keep them coming. Contrary to popular belief, GTA Online will live on for a long time. The developers are still looking forward to the future of GTA Online, teasing another large update coming later this year.

Fans are currently waiting for more GTA 6 news, which is supposedly getting DLC based on cut content in order to meet Rockstar's internal early 2025 deadline.


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