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Rockstar Showcases GTA V Fan Art

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It is no secret that GTA V sold extremely well, and that the number of gamers who play GTA V grows day by day. Now, that's a lot of fans, and chances are, some of them have a knack for arts and crafts. The GTA series has always been very fan-artable, and arguably GTA V has the most potential for community made masterpieces yet. Rockstar Games knows that they have much to thank their community for, and in accordance with this, like to bring attention to the various GTA-related things the fans get up to every now and then.

Players can design their own missions in GTA V, and Rockstar showcases and promotes the best of these missions every now and then. However players don't only make a show of creativity in the world of GTA V. Fans show their love for the game by creating various works of art, and Rockstar recently posted a collection of what they think are the best recent works of fan-art related to GTA V.

First up, we have a stylish sketch of Trevor out in the desert, doing what we can only assume is his favorite pass time. Killing and drinking. This is hardly Julia Scott's first piece of GTA V fan-art, aas Rockstar readily reminds us.


GTA has always had its signature art style, one so characteristic that it has become synonymous with the series. So what happens when the protagonists are depicted using a different art style, created by a caricature artist? Well, really nice art, actually.


For some atmospheric and gloomy art, look no further than Pashoto's tribute to the Lost and Damned.


With rumors about GTA VI possibly featuring a female protagonist, these particular submissions may as well have been an attempt to land a job at Rockstar Games.




The following two works run in a similar vein.

Art Art

Next up, we have a rendition of Michael's younger years. Seems like he was no happier with life back then than he is during the events of GTA V.


Last but not least, we have one pretty dedicated fan's LEGO replica of the Grotti Turismo R.

Art Art Art Art

Have you guys ever made any GTA V fan art? Feel free to share!


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