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Rockstar Seemingly Mutes 'GTA 6' In YouTube Comments

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Rockstar Games has heard all of the calls for official news regarding Grand Theft Auto 6, and like everyone's favorite vigilante with an inkblot face (he wasn't a hero), they whispered 'no'. They're also probably really sick of the whole thing at this point because it seems that 'GTA 6' has been muted in YouTube comments.

Spotted by Twitter user Not_StrangeMan, it seems that comments which include the acronym of the game series and 6 are being hidden from view, with only the author actually seeing these comments. As news of this spread, other fans have confirmed the phenomenon.

This is no doubt a direct response to incensed fans flooding all Rockstar Games uploads across social media with calls for news regarding GTA 6, and the company doesn't want the comment sections clogged up.

Of course, this is the internet, where rules carry about the same amount of weight as a square of wet one-ply. Adamant about having their demands heard, or at the very least seen by other users, commenters have gone out of their way to get past the mute filter. Some creative approaches have been calling the game "GTA 7 minus 1" and "GTA IIIIII" - apparently GTA VI is also muted.

This rather surprising measure comes after a brief period of intense pressure from the fanbase to reveal any official shred of GTA 6 news. Likely triggered by the difficulties of the COVID-19 situation, after years of excited speculation many among the GTA fanbase have escalated to angry impatience as Rockstar Games continues to not acknowledge the sequel.

With the Expanded and Enhanced port of GTA 5 hitting the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in March 2022, there is absolutely no way we're getting any news before then, and even that would be too soon based on all estimates of when the game will actually be ready.

Stay tuned for any updates regarding GTA x+2=8!


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