Rockstar Says Lohan’s Case is Just for Publicity

GTA V Lacey Jonas 2

When Lindsay Lohan launched a lawsuit against Rockstar Games for using her likeness in GTA V, most people (including us) assumed she meant the woman in the bikini seen in most GTA V advertisements. We didn’t think much of the case at the time, but it turns out that isn’t the image she’s suing over.

Lohan’s lawsuit is over the character Lacey Jonas, a troubled, anorexic actress who appears in GTA V’s “Escape Paparazzi” event. She claims the character’s appearance, voice, and style of dress were all based on her. Take-Two and Rockstar say she’s only making the case because she wants publicity. They want her to drop it and pay the legal fees.

At least when Karen Gravano sued Rockstar for basing a character on her, obvious links between her and the character existed. But this? Lindsay Lohan and Lacey Jonas?

GTA V Lacey Jonas

If we really stretch our imaginations, the names sound similar, but overall we have to agree with Take-Two. The resemblance is tiny, and the case is absurd.

Samantha Lienhard
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