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Rockstar Reveals The Heist Challenge In GTA Online

Rockstar is gearing up for the release of the new Heists DLC in Grand Theft Auto Online that they announced during the summer. Since most players will be focusing on the new content when it is released, this week there is huge incentive to play the current heists - so take your fill while you can and save up for the next DLC!

Community Challenges aren't common in GTA Online, so it came as a pretty big surprise that Rockstar announced one related to Heists. The goal is for the players of Online to communally steal GTA$ 100 Billion by playing Heist finales across Heists, the Doomsday Heist and the Diamond Casino Heist. All finales count towards the grand total.

If the community manages to hit the goal, the reward will be a special badge of honor for all participants, followed by an all-new free vehicle to be added in December! The new vehicle will likely be part of the new Heists DLC, and reaching this stretch goal will make it temporarily available free of charge.

To further increase the incentive for playing, the setup fees for the Casino Heist missions has been cut by 75%, and there's a chance of finding diamonds in the vault - vastly increasing the profits of completing the finale, giving you a bigger payout and increasing the amount that goes towards completing the community challenge!

Heists may not be your thing, but it's still worth logging into GTA Online this week. Everyone who plays between today and the 18th of November will get a bonus of GTA$ 1,000,000 for free - throwing free cash around usually prefaces DLC releases - and there are a bunch of ways to earn even more.

Casino Story Missions and the Resurrection Adversary Mode are both paying out double rewards all week long, so make sure to fit some of those into your busy heisting schedule as you try and break that community challenge.

Money isn't the only free reward on offer this week: everyone logging into GTA Online will unlock a free Invade & Persuade barrels tee for their character, and you can win a free Rune Zhaba pre-customized with a camo livery from the Lucky Wheel at the Diamond Casino.

To make the Casino Heist more accessible, Arcade Properties, Arcade Cabinets and their customizations are 30% off this week, and you can also blow your cash on Master Penthouses which are 40% off - though we wouldn't recommend it this close to the release of a new DLC. A bunch of high-end vehicles are also discounted, giving players even more temptation to blow that free million. Stay strong!


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