Rockstar Releases Fix For GTA Online Car Bug

Remember that GTA Online bug reported recently which affected a number of cars including the relatively new Infernus Classic, preventing them from turning left without spinning out uncontrollably? The one which was uncovered and thoroughly documented by the game's racing community?

Well, Rockstar has officially fixed the bug in record time.


The story of what will likely be referred to as the wheel clipping bug is a surprisingly uplifting one, for a bug that broke several vehicles in a vehicle-centric game. It was introduced alongside the Pegassi Infernus Classic, but infected a number of other cars as well. The result was these vehicles spinning out of control wantonly whenever the player took a left turn, but everything was fine and dandy on right turns.

Initially, when players began reporting the issue, the community wasn't even sure this was a bug, and this being the internet, most players were simply told to improve their driving skills - albeit with less sophisticated phrasing and vocabulary. It wasn't until more prominent members of the GTA Online racing community began posting video evidence of the bug that it gained genuine traction among players.

Then, traction evolved into a phenomenon. Players were testing on end, trying to figure out what the cause of the bug was. Was it the spoilers? Was it the same bug that affected the Pfister 811? Eventually, through meticulous trial and testing, a group of dedicated players managed to find the cause of the issue.

It started when a member of an elite GTA Online crew hosted a livestream with the intention to uncover what caused this issue, and one of the viewers pointed out that the vehicle's rear wheel was vibrating in an odd manner. This observation eventually led to the discovery that the vehicle's rear left wheel is in a permanently damaged state by default.

As GTA 5's engine alters vehicle performance based on damage states, this resulted in left turns being uncontrollable. Eventually through even further testing, players discovered that the last of the TYRES_CAN_CLIP flag in the handling files of the Infernus Classic was to blame - and that a number of other vehicles were also affected. In a rather inspiring act of cooperation, a list of all affected vehicles was compiled, and a lengthy and detailed post was published on the Rockstar Support forums to help the team there work out the snag.

True enough, the folks at Rockstar worked quick, and a fix has now been implemented on all three Enhanced Edition systems (since the old-gen versions of the game were unaffected by this bug). Now, every vehicle is perfectly capable of taking left turns without spinning out of control in a rather insane manner.

That said, a side effect of this fix is that the Pfister 811, which had both rear wheels permanently stanced, is no longer as fast as it used to be. It had one of the highest top speeds in the game due to this bug for a good long time, but no more. Now, the car will perform in a manner that's in line with its stats. For those of you wandering, stancing is the deliberate alteration of a vehicle's damage states (by shooting at it) to exploit some kind of beneficial effect of this.

While the bug fix is welcome, it doesn't change the fact that the recently released Turismo Classic outclasses the Infernus Classic utterly performance-wise. Of course, the Infernus Classic is still a looker and players might want to use it as their main personal vehicle in freeroam, plus all the other cars that were affected by the bug are now also fixed so this is hardly an unworthy endeavor.

Of course, the GTA Online community being what it is, isn' satisfied even though Rockstar delivered a fix swiftly. Threads spreading news of the fix have multitudes of comments amounting to "great, now how about you fix this and this bug too". I guess there is just no winning with this kind of thing. While the grumpy players are busy listing some of the other - decidedly few - bugs that crop up in the game, how about we all hop into the game and enjoy the now not handicapped vehicles?

Aron Gerencser
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