Rockstar’s Red Hook Crit Returns In 2016

Rockstar Games may primarily be a game development company, but they have their toes dipped in a number of other business branches as well – good thing too, since they haven’t been doing a lot of “developing” for the past three years beyond GTA Online updates. One such branch is professional sports, of all things.


Rockstar Games is the founder and primary sponsor of the Red Hook Criterium Championship Cycling Series, an international multi-rounded professional bicycling race. We’ve covered last year’s series extensively.

The race is pretty much entirely separate from any of Rockstar’s gaming related exploits, though GTA V fans who were interested in the championship did propose the idea of holding an in-game GTA Online event focused on bike races – maybe even offering double RP and GTA $?

This year’s Red Hook will be making the same stops as last year, so the circuits will be familiar to returning competitors. The championship will kick off on the 30th of April in Brooklyn, New York and end on the first of October in Milan. In between, it will hit London on the ninth of July and Barcelona on the 27th of August.

Competitors accumulate points over the course of each circuit, which will be tallied up once the Milan race is scored to determine the winner. The Red Hook is unique because the bikes used in the race have no braking system installed and only one gear. Each course is approximately a kilometer long and all of them are riddled with all kinds of obstacles and turns, forcing the riders to strategize.


Each race is preceded by a timed qualification round to determine who starts from which position, much like in the popular F1 motorsport. This is the fourth consecutive year that the Red Hook is organised and over that time, it has accumulated quite the fan following – so much so that the championship has developed a reputation and a “signature” festival-like atmosphere.

Last year’s champions will be returning this year to defend their titles from talented first-timers and old nemeses alike, as much of the roster carried over from 2015. While achieving a consistently high point count is the goal, Rockstar will also be selecting those competitors who may not be high on the ladder but their performance affected the outcomes of the race the most.

Are you guys holing out hope for a Red Hook themed GTA Online event this year?

Aron Gerencser
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