Rockstar One Step Closer to Removing Hacked $GTA


After all of the controversy surrounding the infinite money glitches in Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar released an announcement earlier this week saying they would remove all in-game currency earned through illegitimate means, although only the players responsible for cheating would be punished. Innocent players who received glitched money through gifts or payments could either wait for it to be removed or contact them directly.

Today, Rockstar took the next step toward the removal of that money. Numerous players who submitted requests to Rockstar about the money received emails from the company:

You are receiving this automatic ticket update because you have an open ticket in the Rockstar Support system related to GTA Online modding, cheating, or hacking. We have received a large number of complaints over the past few weeks about cheaters gifting large amounts of GTA$ to others, setting bounty rewards outside game limits, or otherwise attempting to tamper with the GTA Online economy. We have deployed several hotfixes to prevent this type of activity, and will be adding further cheat protection in future Title Updates as well. Players who willingly cheated to create this illegitimate influx of in-game currency have been separated out from the rest of the population and we are continuing to monitor for suspicious activity. If you were the unwilling recipient of an impossibly large amount of GTA$, you do not need to worry about us taking action against your account. However, please be aware that we will be making community-wide automatic adjustments to players’ account balances to remove the modded money. At this time, you do not need to do anything further and this ticket will resolve on its own. Thank you for contacting us to report this activity. We look forward to seeing you Online! If you believe you are receiving this message in error, or your ticket is not about GTA Online cheaters, please feel free to respond to this message and we will address your issue individually. Please note that we are not currently accepting appeals for players banned or in the Cheater Pool for transferring modded cash to others, and we are not able to remove these cash gifts on a case-by-case basis. Account balance adjustments will occur system-wide to undo these gifts.

Rockstar Games

Their reference to system-wide adjustments has caused much speculation amongst players about how they will be affected, as it suggests Rockstar is not able to remove the exact amounts of money that were produced by the glitch. As people speculate over whether a specific amount will be deducted from everyone’s accounts or if Rockstar will search for accounts with a sudden increase in wealth, some players plan to spend as much of their money as possible, just in case.

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  1. This is bs. Rockstar has already made get a new account for apparently being a bad sport which is absolutely ridiculous because I haven’t done anything wrong I stay to myself and do races and death matches. My other account currently has 30 days remaining as a bad sport and it adds days for no reason what so ever. So tske my money Rockstar but I hope you can give my 25 dollars back that I spent on making a new account because your game is broken. Why dont you guys fix the real problems in this game like unbelievabley stupid physics in races like spinning out on flat pieces of cardboard. Fix real problems instead of worrying about cry babies that didn’t get the money cause that’s the only ppl complaining. Where’s the new clothes and hair cuts? Cause the selection guys have so stupid its ridiculous. Why can’t you have the same hair cuts and tats from story mode. That’s the shit I want fixed.