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Rockstar extends olive branch to the modding community with acquisition

This purchase could mean better integration of mods in Grand Theft Auto 6 when it comes out.

In a move stunning the gaming community, Rockstar Games has acquired, the brains behind popular GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 roleplaying mods, FiveM and RedM.

This acquisition represents a major turning point in Rockstar's relationship with modders, one that was often marked by conflicts and legal battles.

It's worth remembering that Rockstar and its parent company, Take-Two Interactive, once sent private investigators to the homes of mod makers. The story of FiveM is emblematic of the relationship between the modding community and Rockstar. Once banned for allegedly facilitating piracy, FiveM has now become an essential part of the GTA Online RP community, hosting almost 270,000 concurrent players in February 2023.

GTA 5 is easily one of the most modded games in the world.

Now, Rockstar has not only legitimized FiveM and RedM but also embraced them as part of its future strategy. The company's statement reflects a newfound appreciation for the creative opportunities that mods present, saying:

Over the past few years, we've watched with excitement as Rockstar's creative community have found new ways to expand the possibilities of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2.

The acquisition of is more than just a nod to fan creativity; it's a hint at Rockstar's bigger ambitions for GTA multiplayer in the future.

The possibility of official roleplay server support in GTA 6 is exciting; it promises a level of immersion and creativity that goes beyond anything seen in the franchise so far.

What might have once been a fringe activity in GTA, restricted to those with the technical knowledge to modify the game, is now set to become a mainstream experience. Imagine inhabiting the world of GTA 6 as a taxi driver, a politician, or even a serial killer.

With more official support, stability might improve, and Rockstar gets to tinker with the possibilities from behind the scenes.

Rockstar's contentious relationship with modders is well-known, which is why this acquisition comes as a big surprise.

The acquisition also bodes well for players and creators on a principle level. The weekly updates have introduced player-requested features of late like a 50-car garage, raidable stash houses, and community events. Now, this community-friendly approach might extend to GTA 6, attracting more people to the roleplaying community.

The roleplaying community has brought an unforeseen depth to GTA, allowing players to build stories, elect officials, run businesses, and create a thriving virtual society. GTARP (Grand Theft Auto Role Play) offers a level of real-world role-playing rarely seen in video games. The acquisition recognizes this value and seems poised to incorporate it into the core of Rockstar's design philosophy.

This new partnership has already sparked excitement, with fans imagining new-gen hardware capabilities coupled with the creative freedom of roleplaying. While some fear potential monetization of the roleplay space, the prevailing sentiment seems optimistic.

Better modding support could mean that GTA 6 will likely outsell and outlast GTA 5.

Rockstar's acquisition of is a groundbreaking move that signals a sea change in the company's approach to community and creativity. From legal conflicts to collaboration, the story of Rockstar and the modding community is a testament to the transformative power of fan-driven innovation.

As we look forward to the release of Grand Theft Auto 6, the possibilities for roleplaying and community engagement seem boundless. This is not merely a corporate merger; it's a union of creativity and potential, setting the stage for a new chapter in one of the gaming world's most iconic franchises.


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  1. @noScope,
    I think this is more of a merger. They intend on keeping people behind on board as far as I know. They are looking to work with them and the fans in the community. Maybe actually allow for better modding and more access for modders.

  2. So they bought them out?

    What if they decide to just shut everything down in the future? I have to worry about stuff like this.

  3. This is good news. I think mods, within reason, have become a joy for a lot of players. It allows them to further enjoy a game longer and more in favor of their own play style. Rockstar opening up a door for them is a big deal.

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